Cupcake Bouquet Box with 7 Cupcake Insert - Marshmallow Pink

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Introducing our stunning Cupcake Bouquet Box with 7 Cupcake Insert, now available in a gorgeous Marshmallow Pink colour! This innovative box is designed to present your cupcakes in the most stylish and secure way.

Our Cupcake Bouquet Box comes with a sturdy cardboard box and an invisiTray™ that is designed to hold your decorated cupcakes safely in place. The box is specifically crafted to accommodate 7 standard size cupcake cases with a 50mm diameter base. This means you can easily create a beautiful bouquet of your decorated cupcakes, perfect for any special occasion.

Using our Cupcake Bouquet Box is incredibly easy. Simply assemble the box by folding the flaps in the order printed on the box and secure it using the ribbon of your choice (ribbon not included). Once assembled, place the cupcakes in the invisiTray™, and voila! You now have a stunning display that is sure to impress everyone.

The Marshmallow Pink colour of our Cupcake Bouquet Box is a beautiful pastel shade that is both elegant and versatile. The box and the invisiTray™ are made from high-quality materials that are eco-friendly and sturdy, ensuring that your cupcakes are safely held in place during transportation.

If you want to make a statement with your cupcakes, our Cupcake Bouquet Box is the perfect choice. Order now to impress with a beautiful display for your cupcakes!


How To Assemble

  • Assemble the box by folding the flaps in the order printed on the box.
  • Secure using a ribbon (not included) of your choice.



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