We have conducted a thorough review of our activities here at the Cooks Cupboard Ltd. Whilst it is not our intention to create rules or limit your shopping experience we ask you to read the following and be mindful of the content below.

We regard the risk to Staff and the risk of transmission to Customer as LOW. We will continue to offer our click and collect service or you can call us and we will have your order ready for collection.

The Cooks Cupboard will continue to review UK and Welsh Government Guidance and Legislation as appropriate. Staff have been given Retail Specific Coronavirus Awareness Training on how to recognise Symptoms or the onset of Coronavirus and will Self-Isolate should symptoms persist. 

We have implemented a variety of new working practices to mitigate the risk to Staff and Customers such as 

- Hand Sanitiser stations set up at strategic locations (Entrances, Exits , Till/Reception Areas, Loading Bays)  

-When stock is delivered Social Distancing applies. Sanitisers are used before and after handling boxes etc.  There is some evidence to suggest Covid-19 is not able to survive on certain surfaces. New Stock is left packed and un-opened for not less than 5 days.

- Where stock is put on shelves (having been quarantined as above) staff are continuing to sanitise at regular intervals. As we would recommend in a non-Covid world - utensils and cookware should be washed before first use.

- When we re-open you will notice that there will be one way Pedestrian Traffic around the shop which will be indicated by signage. Please adhere to this it is for ours and your benefit. Social Distancing will be monitored. Please do not take offence if we ask you to keep away from other Customers or Staff.  You will also notice we have new mats showing you what 2 metres looks like. We may restrict the number of people in store at any one time.

-Our Staff will also serve you individually from behind a perspex screen. We would ask you to hand sanitise on the way in and on the way out of the shop.  Should you have Symptoms of Coronavirus we ask that you do not come in to Store and order on the Website. 

- Please only touch or handle products that you intend to purchase. We are, of course delighted to see you but again we need to minimise the risk of infecting others. 

- At the moment we would prefer you to pay by Card - ideally contactless