12'' Marble Printed Round Circle Masonite Cake Board 4mm thick - circa 304mm

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Elevate Your Cake Presentation with a 12'' Marble Printed Round Circle Masonite Cake Board

The Foundation of Cake Artistry

Every masterpiece deserves a fitting canvas, and for cakes, it's the 12'' Marble Printed Round Circle Masonite Cake Board that sets the stage. Crafted with precision, this board not only provides a stable base for your creations but also adds an elegant touch to your cake presentation.

The Beauty of Marble, The Strength of Masonite

  1. Impeccable Marble Print: The Marble Printed design adds a touch of sophistication to your cake display. The realistic marble effect complements a variety of cake styles, from modern to classic.

  2. Optimal Thickness: At 4mm thickness, this cake board offers the ideal blend of durability and elegance. Your cakes will stand proudly, knowing they're supported by a board built to hold.

  3. Generous Diameter: With an approximate diameter of 304mm (12''), this board ensures your cakes take centre stage, offering ample space for artistic embellishments and decorations.

  4. Precision in Dimensions: Please note that these cake boards exhibit a tolerance range of between 3-7mm. Rest assured, your cakes will be beautifully showcased within these precise dimensions.

Unleash Your Creativity: Use Ideas

  1. Stunning Single-Tier Cakes: Showcase your single-tier cake creations on this marble-printed board for an added layer of elegance. The smooth surface accentuates the cake's details, making it a visual delight.

  2. Bold and Beautiful Wedding Cakes: Elevate the grandeur of wedding cakes with this marble-printed circle board. It complements intricate wedding cake designs, ensuring the spotlight remains on your masterpiece.

  3. Themed Celebrations: Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, the marble-printed design adds a touch of class to themed cakes. Enhance your cake's theme by selecting complementary decorations.

  4. Cupcake Displays: Don't limit your creativity to just cakes. This versatile cake board also serves as a base for cupcake displays, transforming your cupcakes into a coordinated work of art.

Elevate Your Cake Presentation

The 12'' Marble Printed Round Circle Masonite Cake Board is more than a base; it's an opportunity to elevate your cake presentation to new heights. Crafted with precision, this board embodies strength, style, and sophistication. Let your cakes take center stage, supported by a foundation that not only upholds their weight but also enhances their visual appeal.

Whether it's a wedding, celebration, or any occasion deserving of a stunning cake, this board ensures that your creations stand out, leaving a lasting impression on all who admire them. Welcome the allure of marble and the reliability of masonite into your cake world – your edible artistry deserves nothing less



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