Amco Odour Eliminating Rub-Away Bar

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There's no doubt that onions, garlic and fish are delicious ingredients. But their strong odours can linger on your hands well past their welcome. Or at least they could... Amco Houseworks' Rub-A-Way Bar provides a simple and effective way to banish these pesky smells from your hands!

It looks just like a bar of soap. And it works similarly too. Rub this odour eliminating bar against your hands when you've been working with onions, garlic or fish. Its stainless steel construction neutralises the odour-releasing molecules transferred as you handle your ingredients. You can use it with or without water. With its sturdy high-quality build, it won't rust or taint.

Quickly remove pesky odours from your hands
Just rub the bar as you would a bar of soap to
easily remove odours
Perfect when cooking with garlic and onions
Dishwasher safe



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