Colour Mill White Gloss Frost Vanilla Buttercream 1L Ready to Use Frosting

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Unleash your baking creativity with Colour Mill's White Gloss Frost Vanilla Buttercream. This ready-to-use frosting is not just a sweet addition; it's a canvas for your artistic expressions. Here's why Gloss Frost stands out:

Key Features:

  1. High Gloss Elegance:

    • Gloss Frost offers a high-gloss finish, bringing a touch of sophistication to your cakes and cupcakes. Elevate your bakes with a shine that catches the eye.
  2. Delicious Vanilla Flavour:

    • Infused with a delightful hint of creamy vanilla flavouring, Gloss Frost doesn't just look good; it tantalizes the taste buds, ensuring a memorable culinary experience.
  3. Perfect Colour Canvas:

    • Designed to pair seamlessly with Colour Mill's Oil Blend Food Colouring, this buttercream lets you create vibrant and bold hues, turning your cakes into edible masterpieces.
  4. Not Overly Sweet:

    • As a Swiss-Meringue style buttercream, Gloss Frost strikes the perfect balance. It's not overly sweet, allowing you to indulge in the rich buttercream texture without the overwhelming sugary taste.
  5. Ready to Use Convenience:

    • Straight from the tub to your bakes, Gloss Frost is ready to use. No need to spend time preparing buttercream; focus on your artistry.
  6. Room Temperature Perfection:

    • Best used at room temperature, Gloss Frost ensures a smooth and flawless finish on your cakes and cupcakes, giving you bakery-quality results.

Seasonal Use Ideas:

  1. Winter Wonderland:

    • Create a snowy wonderland on your cakes with Gloss Frost, perfect for winter-themed cakes and holiday treats.
  2. Easter Elegance:

    • Craft delicate pastel-coloured buttercream delights for Easter, with Gloss Frost providing the ideal base for your festive creations.

Everyday Artistry:

  1. Birthday Extravaganza:

    • Pipe vibrant and glossy buttercream decorations for birthdays, making every celebration a visual and tasteful delight.
  2. Wedding Cake Elegance:

    • Achieve a sleek and elegant finish for wedding cakes, with Gloss Frost providing the canvas for your dream-worthy confections.

As a rough guide, the 1-litre tub will pipe up to 24 cupcakes or cover a 9" cake.



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