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Elevate your festive decor with our Festive Berry Christmas Ceramic Decorative Large Jug. This exquisite cream ceramic jug embodies the spirit of the season with its delightful red berry and foliage print design. Its generous size and charming details make it a centerpiece of holiday adornment.

The jug's finish, a crackled glaze with a distressed touch, adds character and a rustic ambiance to your space. This jug is more than just a container; it's a decorative piece that captures the essence of Christmas.

Use Ideas:

  1. Table Centerpiece: Place it in the center of your dining table and fill it with seasonal blooms, evergreens, or holly for a captivating holiday centerpiece.

  2. Fireplace Decor: Enhance the warmth of your fireplace mantel by pairing this jug with candles, stockings, and garlands.

  3. Welcoming Entryway: Greet your guests with festive charm by positioning this jug at your entrance with illuminated fairy lights or a mini Christmas tree inside.

  4. Kitchen Elegance: In the kitchen, it can serve as a striking holder for utensils, especially those used for your holiday feasts.

  5. Gifts and Treats: Use it to present wrapped gifts or hold an assortment of holiday treats for your guests.

Measures approx. 23cm tall 



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