MasterClass Smart Space Electric Stainless Steel Kitchen Weighing Scales

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When room cupboard room comes at a premium and surface space seems like a thing of the past, the last thing you want to be adding to your kitchen collection is a thick, heavy set of weighing scales. Weigh wet and dry ingredients precisely, without compromising valuable kitchen space, with this slim line weighing scale set. Highly accurate strain gauge sensors weigh dry ingredients up to 750 g and wet ingredients up to 750 ml, ensuring that you have precisely measured ingredients ready for even the most sensitive of recipes, like crisp macarons or light-as-air soufflés. Switch between metric and imperial measures at the push of a button - clearly displayed on the easy-to-read LCD screen. You can also weigh ingredients directly on the odour-resistant stainless steel plate. When you're finished with the scale, put on its protective plastic cover and slot it into drawers, cupboard or into any kitchen nook or cranny available.

Features a tare function
Displays metric and imperial measures
Weighs both wet and dry ingredients up to 750 ml / 750 g
2 x CR2032 batteries included



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