What is Colour Mill Food Colouring and What Can it be used for?

Colour Mill Food Colouring - versatile, concentrated and oil based

Colour Mill Food Colouring offers an incredible spectrum of colour, from light pastels to the deepest, richest shades of red and blues available in any concentrated food coloring on the market. Plus, it’s oil based and concentrated, so you can use it in your favourite recipes without altering their taste or texture.

What is Colour Mill Food Colouring?

Colour Mill food colouring is an oil based colour. Being 100% oil based it will disperse more effectively than many of the water based colourings on the market. It is vegan, Halal suitable and Kosher certified, as well as also being 100% allergen free. As it is created using pigments instead of dyes it is much more resilient to fading and does not grain or streak on use.

When can I use Colour Mill Food Colouring

Colour Mill is super versatile and can be used for the following:
  • Swiss Meringue
  • Buttercream
  • Chocolate
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Fondant / Ready to Roll Icing / Icing
  • Ganache
  • Cake and Cupcake Batters
  • Anything thing else that is fat or oil based.

Why we and our customers love Colour Mill and some of our Favourite Colours

We love the vibrancy and richness that can be achieved, along with the large range of colours available. Colour Mill Food colours produce consistent, non-fading colour tones.
Our favourite by far would of course have to be the Colour Mill White. It is fabulous at brightening and lightening chocolate and buttercream. It is one of the few colourings on the market that is a true whitener.
Another firm favourite is Colour Mill black. This is where Colour Mill truly lives up to its name as a next generation food colouring. The black that can achieved is dense and streak free and does not leave a staining or taste.
With so many colours available, Colour Mill is also able to keep up with the current trends. For beautiful natural tones we recommend taupe and latte, and beautiful soft greens can be achieved with the sage green.
If you are just branching into the world of Cake or an experienced baker or cake designer, we would certainly recommend giving Colour Mill a try.
Our available range of Colour Mill Concentrated food colours can be found here