4 Hole Cavity Cupcake Box White with Window - 4" Deep With Welsh Dragon Design

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 Elevate your cupcake presentation to a whole new level with our 4 Hole Cavity Cupcake Box, adorned with a captivating Welsh Dragon design. This unique packaging solution not only adds a touch of Welsh charm but also ensures your cupcakes are showcased with elegance and flair. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this box is perfect for various occasions, particularly Saint David's Day and Eisteddfod celebrations.

Key Features:

  1. Welsh Dragon Elegance: The standout feature of this cupcake box is its captivating Welsh Dragon design. Against a crisp white background, the iconic red dragons and the words "Wales Cymru" add a touch of cultural richness, making it a perfect choice for celebrating Welsh heritage.

  2. 4 Hole Cavity Design: The 4-hole cavity design allows you to securely place and display four cupcakes, ensuring they stay intact and beautifully arranged during transport. This makes the box an ideal choice for gifting or presenting your delicious creations at events and gatherings.

  3. Generous 4" Depth: With a generous 4" depth, this cupcake box accommodates a variety of cupcake sizes and decorations. The extra depth not only provides ample space for creatively decorated cupcakes but also ensures they remain protected during transportation.

  4. Window Display: The inclusion of a window adds a delightful element, allowing a sneak peek of your delectable cupcakes without compromising freshness. It's an excellent way to showcase your baking skills and entice recipients with a visual treat.

  5. Perfect for Special Occasions: Designed with Welsh cultural motifs, this cupcake box is perfect for Saint David's Day, Eisteddfod celebrations, or any event where you want to infuse a touch of Welsh pride into your baked goods.

Ideal for:

  • Saint David's Day Celebrations
  • Eisteddfod Events
  • Gift Giving
  • Party Favours
  • Special Occasions

Why Choose Our Cupcake Box:

  • Cultural Elegance: Showcase your cupcakes with a touch of Welsh culture and elegance.
  • Secure Presentation: The 4-hole cavity design ensures secure and appealing cupcake presentation.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for various occasions, from festive celebrations to everyday indulgences.



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