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Stay organized with a touch of vintage charm using our General Store Cork Board Memo Board & Weekly Planner. This versatile piece serves as both a corkboard and a weekly planner, perfect for adding functionality and style to your living space.

The General Store Cork Board captures the essence of a country cottage aesthetic, with its shabby finish and rustic appeal. It's more than just a functional board; it's a piece of decor that enhances the ambiance of your home.

The corkboard, constructed from natural cork, offers a dependable and sturdy surface for all your needs. Whether it's notes, photos, reminders, or important documents, this board is ready to display them all. The tactile nature of cork adds a tactile element to your organization.

What sets this board apart is its accompanying weekly planner section. It's wipeable, allowing you to easily update your schedule and stay on top of your week. The generous space provided on the planner ensures you have ample room for planning and noting down appointments, tasks, and events.

Use Ideas:

  1. Home Command Center: Create a central hub for your family's schedules, chores, and important papers.

  2. In the Kitchen: Hang it in your kitchen as a recipe holder and weekly meal planner.

  3. Home Office: Keep your workspace organized with reminders and a weekly work plan.

  4. Personalized Wall Decor: Incorporate it into your gallery wall, adding a practical touch to your art collection.

Measures approx. 40cm x 30cm 




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