12'' Wood Effect Round Circle Masonite Cake Board 4mm thick - circa 304mm

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Elevate Your Cakes with a 12'' Wood Effect Round Circle Masonite Cake Board

A Touch of Nature in Cake Display

Every cake has a story, and the platform it rests upon should reflect its essence. Introducing the 12'' Wood Effect Round Circle Masonite Cake Board – a canvas that merges the allure of wood with the stability of masonite, ensuring your cakes shine with rustic elegance.

Key Features: Nature-Inspired Aesthetics, Solid Foundation

  1. Rustic Wood Effect: The Wood Effect design infuses a rustic, natural charm into your cake presentation. The wood grain pattern complements various cake styles, from rustic to vintage-inspired.

  2. Optimal Thickness: Designed with a 4mm thickness, this cake board strikes the perfect balance between sturdiness and visual appeal. Your cakes will remain securely displayed, showcasing your artistry.

  3. Ample Diameter: With an approximate diameter of 304mm (12''), this board offers generous space for your cakes to take centre stage. It's the ideal size for highlighting medium to large cake creations.

  4. Precision in Dimensions: Please note that these cake boards have a tolerance range of 3-7mm, ensuring your cakes are beautifully presented within these precise dimensions.

Unleash Your Creativity: Use Ideas

  1. Rustic Wedding Cakes: Transform wedding cakes into rustic masterpieces. The wood effect backdrop adds warmth to your cakes, capturing the essence of rustic-themed weddings.

  2. Nature-Inspired Celebrations: Whether it's a garden party, outdoor event, or simply a love for nature, this cake board complements nature-inspired cake designs, bringing a touch of the outdoors to your creations.

  3. Vintage Elegance: Embrace vintage aesthetics by using this board as a base for cakes with a vintage twist. The wood effect pairs perfectly with antique-style cake decorations.

  4. Custom Theme Cakes: Enhance themed cakes by using this wood effect board as a foundation. From woodland creatures to countryside charm, your cake will be a testament to your theme's authenticity.

Embrace Natural Elegance

The 12'' Wood Effect Round Circle Masonite Cake Board offers more than a surface – it encapsulates the beauty of nature and the strength of masonite. With its wood-inspired charm and precise construction, this board ensures your cakes stand proudly, embraced by a foundation that complements their essence.

Let your cakes take on a touch of rustic elegance, resonating with the warmth of wood and the allure of the outdoors. Whether it's a wedding, celebration, or themed event, this cake board ensures your cakes are a true reflection of your artistry and dedication. Welcome the enchantment of wood into your cake world and watch your creations thrive in natural beauty



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