Colour Mill Red Food Colouring (Oil Based)

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At Kate's Cupboard, we know the importance of having good quality food colouring in our kitchens. That's why we highly recommend Colour Mill Red Food Colouring. This oil-based colouring is perfect for adding that bright, bold red colour to your cakes without altering their taste or texture.

Unlike other red food colourings, Colour Mill's formula is oil-based, so it won't water down your recipes like liquid-based food colourings can.

Whether you're making a classic red velvet cake or adding colour to royal icing, Colour Mill Red Food Colouring is the perfect choice. And with its convenient dropper bottle, you can easily control how much colour you add to your recipe for consistent and reliable results.

Product Details




Glycerol E422, Lecithin E322, Colour E129.

Allergies & diets

Allergen & gluten free. Kosher & halal friendly.

Colour Mill Food Colouring



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