Colour Mill White Food Colouring (Oil Based) - 20ml

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Unlike many other food whitener products, we can vouch for this white food colouring! Applying Colour Mill food colouring to your frosting or icing will dye both sugar and butter or oils in your baking. So you can achieve an even, consistent colour throughout.

This professional oil-based food colouring is perfect for achieving a clean, bright white finish on your cakes, making it perfect for wedding cake icing, creating a base for your gorgeous cake designs or brightening dark frosting colours.

You can also use this white food colouring in batters, doughs, and other foods. It's completely safe to use and, more importantly, eat! Simply apply a small amount of the colouring to your recipe, then mix to incorporate.

Pro tip: The colour will continue to develop as you mix, so add a little at a time to achieve your desired results.

Colour Mill White Food Colouring comes in two sizes, a convenient 20ml bottle and a larger 100ml bottle.

Product Details




Glycerol E422, Lecithin E322, Colour E171


Allergen & gluten free.

Colour Mill Food Colouring



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