Colour Splash Gel - Pale Pink Food Colouring - 25g

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Product Details

Elevate your sweet creations with the Colour Splash Gel in Pale Pink (25g). This food colouring gel is designed to infuse a soft, delicate pink hue into various confectionery delights, adding an element of charm and elegance to your baked goods.

Key Features:

  • Delicate Pale Pink Shade: Ideal for creating a light, soft pink color for cakes, cookies, and more, adding a subtle yet delightful touch to your culinary creations.

  • Precision Application: The gel is equipped with a convenient thin nib, offering precise control over the amount of colour dispensed, ensuring accuracy in colouring your bakes.

  • Versatile and Safe: Suitable for use in colouring a variety of edible mediums, including sugarpaste, royal icing, buttercream, marzipan, cake mix, fudge, and more.

Use Ideas:

  • Gradual Colouring: Add the gel little by little to your mixture until you achieve the perfect shade, ensuring you maintain control over the colour intensity.

  • Custom Tones: Experiment with blending multiple Colour Splash gels to create your unique and custom colour variations for a personalized touch to your desserts.


  • Celebratory Delights: Perfect for birthday cakes, baby showers, and other celebratory treats that demand a soft and lovely pale pink tone.

  • Baking Enthusiasts: An essential addition for both beginners and experienced bakers, enabling creativity and variation in the colouring of a wide array of sweet confections.



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