Sugarflair Paste Colours Concentrated Food Colouring - Spectral Ruby Red - 25g

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Achieve vivid and spectacular colours in your Sugar Paste, Buttercream, Royal Icing and more with Sugarflair Paste Colours Concentrated Food Colouring. Just a few drops and you can get a range of pastel or vibrant colours, without changing product consistency. You can even paint with it, using Rejuvenator Spirit or Dipping Solution as a water alternative. Unleash the creative potential of your projects.

This concentrated food colouring from Sugarflair is ideal for both professional and home bakers. It's a popular choice for achieving professional-level results with its intense colour and high concentration of pigments.

Sugarflair Paste Colours Concentrated Food Colouring in Spectral Ruby Red provides vivid results with minimal use. This 25g pot has a far-reaching power that requires only small amounts to achieve the desired effect. Deepening on drying, Sugarflair Paste Colours ensures the red colour stays vibrant and rich.

Create an amazing look every time with Sugarflair food colouring. These concentrated paste colours are part of a full range of striking rainbow hues, ensuring you have the right shade for any occasion. 

25 grams



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