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Take your sugarcraft creations to the next level with OUTboss, the ultimate tool for creating breathtaking 3D raised designs on Sugarpaste/Fondant, modeling chocolate, and gum paste. This innovative tool allows you to effortlessly emboss intricate patterns, giving your creations a stunning visual and tactile appeal. Elevate your cookie, cupcake, and plaque decorations to new heights with OUTboss.

Crafted with precision and designed for ease of use, OUTboss enables you to achieve professional-looking results with minimal effort. Simply press the OUTboss onto your rolled Sugarpaste/Fondant, modeling chocolate, or gum paste, and watch as the detailed design emerges. Create beautiful raised textures that add depth and dimension to your baked goods.

The regular size of OUTboss, measuring 85mm, is perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you're decorating cookies, cupcakes, or plaques, this size is ideal for achieving impressive designs. Let your imagination run wild as you create stunning patterns and textures that will leave a lasting impression.

Please note that the colour of the OUTboss stamp may vary, but rest assured that the imprint image created will be as shown. Each OUTboss is meticulously crafted to ensure consistent and high-quality results, regardless of the colour variation.

To maintain the longevity of your OUTboss, it is advised to hand wash it with warm water. This will keep the tool in optimal condition, ready for your next creative endeavour.

OUTboss is the perfect tool for school leaver cupcakes, cookies, and bakes. Create memorable treats to celebrate this milestone, with raised designs that make a statement and impress everyone.

Elevate your sugarcraft projects with OUTboss and witness the transformation of your creations. Add depth, texture, and a touch of artistry to your Sugarpaste/Fondant, modelling chocolate, and gum paste decorations. Unlock your creativity and bring your baking visions to life with OUTboss.

    Unlock the potential of your sugarcraft creations with OUTboss. Elevate your decorations to new heights with 3D raised designs that make a lasting impact. Embrace the art of embossing and bring depth and texture to your cookies, cupcakes, and plaques. Experience the magic of OUTboss and create stunning treats for every occasion.

    Please note colour of Stamp may vary - But imprint image created will be as shown 



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