What size cake board should I use?

When choosing a cake board, also think about what purpose the board is being used for.

When using boards in between layers and tiers of cakes the board should be the same size as the cake.  This enables the board to provide the required support, but crucially means the board is not seen when the cake is stacked.  

There are not any 'set in stone' rules when it comes to the board for the base cake, but a minimum of 2 inches is advised.  For example an 8 inch cake would require a 10 inch board or larger. 

How large you go depends on the style and look you are wanting.  Also if you are planning to add lettering, decorations or extra items on the cake board you would require a larger board.  

Novelty cakes, shaped cakes often look better on a larger board, but again it comes down to personal preference.  

There are many colours and styles available in the market the whole look of your cake can be changed by choosing different styles of boards.  From traditional cake drums, to colourful cake drums or even sturdy chic Masonite boards there are lots of styles available to suit any theme.